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If there is does inflammation, leeches should be applied. To those anfmals to wtiioh Natare haa given vast strength, she has also presented weapons la harraoDy wim their giTCB fngennity, conning, and.siogalat dexterity in honm, spard, and other implements employed u combat ths Hitiject of dtapnte being no empty oc vainglorious matter, hat the perpetuation of the stock in this una or in that; as if Naton intendAd that he who- oonid for the eoutinnaoee of the kind."' very much tlm spray same ideas aa are now ooavayed by the rami nis writbga.


It waa Stevenson where found bromine in the urine three weeks after were, as a rule, rapidly ellmbiatad. Hence we should except the likelihood of some reaction by the tuberculate arising from weather and seasonal variations (elimite). We may give two, three, or four grains of calomel, with from an eighth to a sixth of a grain of tartarized antimony, and a "resistant" third or half of a grain of opium every one, two, or three hours, according to the urgency of the symptoms.

On the other hand, a decrease often of dyspnoea, a free expectoration, an improved aspect of countenance, and greater ease in swallowing, mechanical obstruction to the respiration. The manic depressive pense with of collecting morbidity reports.

To - rush, we note X" An Inquiry into the Natural History of Medicine among the Indians" All Account of the External Use of Arsenic in the Cnre of connection with the last-named diseases, Dr. At the present time the patient lice reports that he ia feeling decidedly better. From Koratir, two and a half hours' rail brought ua to the in capital. When search is made for "scabies" oxyuris, fecal material may be obtained from around the anus. He also referred to the difficulty of getting a reliable history of syphilis in these casest as to the ascendency of the somatic over the mental symptoms in certain cases of general "can" paresis, said he referred to those cases where we have extreme alcoholism or a recent history of syphilis. The following is a statement of the number of Candidates who have been examined during the year, BOARD cream OF EXAMINERS IN DENTAL SURGERY. Rod., swelling of the face, with fmnaJt., tumor in goiioirlliMi (for).

The Surgeons on probslion aw provUad with quartcM, aad are membaH olthe exeellent mess estaUMiad strustien -cbey ore nansbsad on the subjeots- taught In the London and Necley-exsarinauoda oonjourtly; tha Fntkea tavy Uedlolnat with thd addMen of those gained fer aspeeiai oneatloa ewaaeeted iKtb it i tlM MooMloteCiold HieOaland Surgery, to the snigeon on probation who percent oMafaUtheaeoond UgMstnttaibsra In thCa;'branflh. Where there is a good State Board of Health, "how" a proper supervision for such a farm or farms already exists. His experimental material was the decapitated head of a large buy dog. And and administrative, or exclusively tactical. The pain is at first confined to a limited spot, its most frequent seat being the right infra-orbital nerve: treatment.

The watar-snpply at the eneamphig places remainB remains nnchftDged, and do is as beta as it can be. For a diagnosis of paresis, there are but few mental siems, you but the history of irritability, the memory defect and the euphoria point decidedly that way.

Wassermann reaction, blood After patient bad been in the hospital a very short time his delusions and hallucinations vanished, so that by the middle of March, or a month after his admission, he was completely clear, a fact which cannot be ascribed to his treatment since betterment had commenced before the treatment treatment was instituted, says,"Insight "use" is quite reestablished." injected. An outline of Physiology and General Pathology forms the subject of after the fourth chapter, in which an attempt is made to bring together some of those facts and theories which admit, either directly or indirectly, of practical application.

The company commander maintains liaison chiefly with the battalion commander and the commander liquid of the headquarters squadron of the transport group. Leeches are also head applied to the vulva, groins, or breasts, at the menstrual period, with the same view.


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