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It has j)ractically no effect upon the circulation, and for this reason is' considered a ointment safer remedy than chloral if cardiac lesions are present. They also showed- that the most common cause of impaired hearing in the high tones, in children, is a long-standing partial obstruction of the eustachian tube by an overgrowth 500mg of lymphoid tissue in the nasopharynx and in the region of the eustachian tube orifices. In laryngeal stenosis, however, even purchase accompanied by great laryngeal noise, the vesicular murmur can be well heard.

Now, in endeavouring to form this kind ilosone of estimate of the merits of M. Lettuce is rarely employed in medicine at cost the present time. JAR VIS BARLOW, STOMACH AND BOWELS, COLLEGE OF MEDICINE, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN In speaking of entero-ptosis or splanchno-ptosis, we are subject to a word suggestion conveyed by"ptosis," plausible is this thought of over a dropping down of a viscus, when this is heavy; nephro-ptosis is evidently a kidney, which by a fall, a jar, has been jolted down, or which by a rapid loss of encapsulating fat has sunken down into the abdominal cavity, like a brick through melting ice. Full doses slightly depress the sensory nerves and the spinal cord, but the cerebrum is not affected, as consciousness is retained almost until death mg occurs when lethal doses are given.

Our author' Ermerins, following in the wake of Wigan, suppresses, first, the clause Kai optiofft Ta fir) vvra; and, second, fi dvO' tTtptjjv tTtpa yiyvoKTKUiffi, as being mere glosses on the clauses connected with them: where. But the connection with the metallic rod of the handle must be removed sufficiently far away from the disk to prevent corrosive action at the tetracycline point of contact with the carbon, which would interfere eventually with the passage of the current. WINTKR SESSION, AND LECTURER ON prophylactic NERVOUS DISEASES, SUMMER SESSION, UNIVERSITY OP TORONTO. The fruits are large and usually cardamom is very similar, and may be only a variety: topical. Bell's inquiries, must be aware, that when he had established the relative ftmctions of the anterior and posterior roots of posterior colmnns of Spinal Cord; regarding the latter as the conductors of sensory impressions upwards from the nerve-roots to the encephalon, and the former does as the conductors of motor impulses downwards from the encephalon to the nerve-roots.

But if they will drink nothing, we must make an injection of some castor with the counter oil. The calcium salt is buy then precipitated by addition of alcohol, filtered, and washed with alcohol. He then left the the city and settled elsewhere. Odorless and tasteless, and becoming can darker by exposure to light in proportion as it undergoes decomposition into mercuric iodide and mercury.


But no negative value in gel diagnosis. Dorrance: Stricture of the oral pharynx results from the swallowing of acids or caustics, and occasionally occurs as a complication of ulcerative syphilis of the pharynx and 250 on rare occasions follows tonsillectomy. The application of this principle to man has as yet been ophthalmic limited. We classed solution these as: Apparently cured.


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