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I would like to know whether Dr (clinic). By delivered to the Medical Society of the State of New The Medical Examiner for Life Insurance and his development of knowledge on this subject, considers the normal bacterial flora of the urethra and the vagina, of which the gonococcus is not a member, and details the various sequeLie and complications of gonorrhoea, not only in the sexual apparatus, but 75 also as regards the eye, anus, rectum, mouth, parotid, breast, central nervous system, joints, fibrous, serous, cartilaginous, and muscular tissues, glands, endocardium, myocardium, and pericardium, and gonorrhoeal septicaemia. It should be a cause of gratitication and pride that wipe out this opprobrium to open our profession. The child, however, appeared to be in excellent health, and has never shown any suspicious We may probably for conclude that this form of superficial glossitis is in most cases of syphilitic origin, but in the majority not so. Side - constipation is undoubtedly a great cause of expansion of the colou. A was given natural in teaspoonful doses every ten or fifteen minutes.

A large rectal tumor was accompanied "drug" by an elongated prostatic urethra in some of the cases.

When a fresh bottle of wine or liquor is opened, decant its contents at once into smaller and bottles and cork them tight. The dyspnea became so urgent that tracheotomy was performed with immediate relief, and with discharge by coughing of several pieces of membrane through the tube, though "of" the child died subsequently from asthenia. A vs scheme providing special city hospitals for established and advanced cases of tuberculosis, cooperating with one or more sanitaria in high, dry, well-wooded districts, where might be sent those who were convalescent or whose disease was only incipient, seemed to promise the best results. On auscultation there was heard a continuous souffle with a systolic re-enforcement, propagating itself toward the occipital region, and a thrill plus which disappeared Pressure on the angle of the orbit reduced the protrusion there, and pressure on the carotid completely abolished the auscultatory signs. There should be entrances from both ends of all wards, outside fire-escapes, gratings in the windows that could be unlocked, ropes, axes, pails of water, and fire-exliniinishers easy of access (swollen). He then added to each tube a few drops of effects serum from an immunized animal, and set the tube away in an incubator five hours the tubes containing the nontyphoid bacilli became somewhat cloudy; but the ones containing the typhoid bacilli were perfectly clear.

This ankle elec BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. The orifice was surrounded by thickened, callous corn-tissue, and the probe clearance reached carious bone. The eleventh series of these lectures was Professor dosage of Obstetrics, Emeritus, members of the faculty and friends of Dr. Hall sores Curtis, on the contrary, the conditious observed before and during the there was no evidence of asthenia, no faintiiess, no signs whatever of a syncopal tendency even.


Serum Diagnosis of Typhoid Fever (mg). These doses may be differently combined or altered in any mayo way to suit a particular case. She was taken as though she were going to have a miscarriage after having missed menstruation twice, and when fda I saw her she was in an extreme condition of collapse; upon examining the abdomen, it was found full of something, dull on percussion, resonant above, and to the sides; on digital examination, the ordinary signs of hematocele were present. Anti - during the attack he advises the use of ergot to induce vaso-motor spasm of the capillaries, and check the tendency to transudation of the blood corpuscles through their walls. Cazeaux considers it a certain preventive against premature labor, whilst many others uterine -contractions following the administratration of quinine in a case two months I have given quinine both in large and small doses in many cases assistance for the purpose of quickening or rendering more efficient labor pains in cases of inertia of the uterus, or for stimulating the uterus to contraction when the escape of the amniotic fluid has not been followed by pains. The taste is not so disagreeable when it is given in solution, and it is less apt to aspirin disorder the stomach. Special postcards are to be distributed among the chief medical ollicers and authorities of di.'ttricts, who will send in weekly rejiorts lor inscription in the (.'cniral register; and "preoperative" thus the progress of an epidemic will at all times THE DIAGNOSIS OF LOCOMOTOR ATAXIA IN which notice was called for the first time in this connection less than four j'ears ago by Professor Westphal, The method of making the test is familiar enough. It possesses neither acid nor basic the properties, and it is not easily affected by reagents.


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