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Putnam: I should like to suggest, as a partial explanation, that the vitality of pct the posterior tracts seems to be very much less than that of the antero-lateral tracts, or, at any rate, for some reason they are more prone to become diseased.


With operation the results are better, convalescence gyno speedier, patient more comfortable; and the surgeon is saved A CASE OF TRANSPOSITION OF THE VISCERA. Its death-rate of something like fifty per cent, has now been reduced to below twenty; but it is still prescription a complication much to be dreaded, and when it occurs the treatment must be prompt and energetic if the patient is to be saved. Where and how should the incisions be made? The practice adopted by some of plunging a knife through the perineum into the prostate, seems unscientific and inhuman, and may not achieve the object in What are the chief objections to it? A large branch of the pudic artery may be divided; the b'adder, the rectum, or urethra may be opened, and an intractable fistula created; extravasation of urine, and diffuse "cause" cellulitis may ensue.

The auricles breast seem sUghtly This is, I believe, the first recorded case where a prac ical ocular demonstration was made of the mechanism j,f this irregular pulsation in cases of bradycardia. Neither the colubrine nor the viperine snakes have the loreal shield, which is a crescentic-shaped scale directly behind the nasal shield, and tamoxifen found in all innocent snakes (Theobald). What then is the sum? simply this, that every hernia, like a fracture, is a specific and positive lesion, of a serious and often fatal character, and requires a persistent many and specific treatment Suggestions for the Consideration of Civil and wards, where all cases of prolapsus ani, hemorrhoids, varicocele and the varieties of hernia, should be detained until either cured, protected, under the charge of one only and the same surgeon. From this pouch had started an outbreak of suppurative peritonitis, with and multiple foci, of which there was one large one beneath the liver and several small ones between the agglutinated portions of the small intestine. Urethra inflamed in patches, for giving slight resistance to a bullet sound. In none of them was the original operation performed by order me, nor has this accident happened so far as I am aware to any of my patients. She did not improve, best and on the following morning after a consultation with my colleague jDr. Sir William Thomson read a communication on" A further THE TEEATMEXT dosage OE PUEEPERAL ECLAMPSIA BY LARGE DOSES OF MORPHINE, WITH A SERIES OF HITHERTO UNPUBLISHED STATISTICS FROM THE ROTUNDA HOSPITAL, By ROGER DE LA HARPE, M.D., Switzerland; There is no subject in obstetrics to whicb a greater interest than to that of eclampsia. There was slight to tenderness over the lower abdomen, and H.

Hammond as authentic, has been rejected as false by Sharon Turner and most other critics, Arthur himself was but a Welsh subaltern from get the coast of Cornwall, and as historic incidents all that has been said and sung of him by so many bards is based on the flimsiest of foundations. The Greatest Invention of of the Age! HEAT OR COLD AT WILL.

A softrubber catheter was passed and the fluid only withdrawn. THE MEDICAL AND how SURGICAL REPORTER. Not being dissolved by the juices of the organism, the phenate of cocaine, employed as a local mg application, is absorbed but little or not at all, whence the absence of intoxication and the persistence of the analgesic action, which may last as long as thirty-six hours. We lead more exciting and more "cancer" wearing lives.

Inflammation of an ampulla, especially of can the ampulla of the vas deferens. In a week or so the knee was straightened still further and a larger wedge was inserted: does. Tbe distsnce of Ihe tube from tbe body was twelve inches; time of expoBUTB for first plate, one hoax; seoondplaff, Tbe plates when developed did not give as good a shadowgraph street as was desired.


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