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But it is well known also that, in order to attain the best results, this particular point of online time must be very nicely chosen.

This difficulty is obviated if the residuary coal-tar oils are used, as these gives a durable emulsion, which spreads over a large surface as a thin him and is an effective insecticide and what insectifuge, This is a short note referring to the work of Professor Wurtz on a specific form of rapid tuberculosis connected with malaria.

Shall the stringent process of law or the gentler influence of of benevolence prove to be more successful agency in dealing with such persons? Social reforms moved slowly. In Shakespeare's first folio there was computed to be price With the growth of printing came a demand for systematic proof-reading and scholars were engaged by the leading printers to read proofs for them. What has hap BOSTON MEDICAL AND take SURGICAL JOURNAL.

The success of the tablets operation depends upon the form of my instrument, which acts upon one single line and with great swiftness, like the urethrotome of Maisonneuve.

Preventive measures canada are embodied in detail in factory rules. Detailed instructions for dipping sheep for the control of this Hippoboscid uk are given, and the most useful apparatus is described.

Journal, London, Brindel buy et Liaris. Thirteen medicine cases of chronic ulcer of the leg were examined.

Two years later an epidemic on a smaller scale occurred at tlie village of Scotter, in Lincolnsliire, and was investigated by Dr (alkem). All this follows from what has already been said of predisposition: best. Reviews - h by a system of overfeeding, such as would produce tiiis more remote force, part of our stock of immediately available energy is used up, more injury than good is done. In some of the patients the malarial symp.toms disappeared after the operation, but in others they continued, showing that splenectomy does not cure malaria: tab.


A very little experience, however, will teach how us to distinguish between such a change of note and that arising from vibrations in the deeper structures. The amount of sugar passed during the ensuing twenty-four hours is then asc-ertained by polarization and 100 titration.

Recent exact investigation and a thorough observation effects of the patients, however, have led to the conclusion that it is the imagination that first becomes affected. One of them is on City Road in tbe most densely settled part of London, a district hospital "dose" occupies a very confined site, which is almost entirely covered vpith buildings." On one side the hospital joins a public house. Adult males have never been found as parasites on in the bat, but always freely on the walls of caves. Whoever has no galvanometer on his battery may 50 regulate the current according to the sensations of the patient; the feeling of a lively sting, entering, as it were, the centre of the boil, just enough to be tolerated, indicates about the proper strength of It is an impossibility to prove by figTires that the natural duration of a boil is shortened under this treatment. Record, New York, Launois india ct Piquois. The persons used as objects in to such demonstrations are impaired in their corporeal and mental health by negligent, unsuitable, careless and too frequent hypnotizing.

There is no mg generally accepted specific for this disease, but its course may be modified by the judicious use of drugs. Owing to the use of spring water or the Pasteur-Chamberland filter, typhoid fever has disappeared from some garrisons which it formerly "cena" decimated.


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