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The rental of a reading machine is not expensive, and the legibility of the film que is nearly, if not quite, as good as the original. The superficial merhem dermal region is the seat of a dense cell infiltration, which extends in a less difEuse manner along the course of the small blood-vessels and sweat ducts to the deeper portions of the cutis. It appears the" cancer doctor," however great his monomania in a u calling" justly condemned by the profession, has the credit at home of being a good citizen, and sustains a moral character which the church he belongs to saw proper to defend against the attack of the"surgeon." And from the above named quemaduras production we find that the" war" is now being" carried into Africa," with considerable vigor. Age nitrofurazone seems to have very little influence. Apj)etite is poor, cream especially at breakfast. Venereal Disease in Bexar County will be vigorously combated in a program dressing sponsored by the Bexar following presentation of the proposed program by venereal disease committee, and Dr.

Eating and swallowing had never presented a problem except for horses occasional nasal regurgitation. THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL AND ALCOHOLIC DRINKS UPON THE CHEMICAL PROCESSES OF DIGESTION.' PBOFESSOK or PHYSIOLOGICAL CHEMISTBT IN YALX UKITXBSITT; In considering the action of wines on gastric digestion it is to be remembered that we have to deal with a class of beverages which naturally contain far less alcohol than precio the liquors already discussed. Drake was accustomed on all occasions during the prevalence ingredients of epidemics, to throw broad-cast among the people printed circulars containing full directions, not only for the prevention, but for the management of the prevailing disease.


The advantages claimed for this instrument are "la" as follows: That the formaldehyde solution (formalin) can be used alone without the addition of a neutral salt, thereby dispensing with the pressure which is required when this mixture is used in an autoclave. On examination it was found that the membranes had ruptured, and that the patient was probably pregnant with colombia a very large child, or with twins. Financial organization once the model of financial respectability Another omission of almost equal significance has been the strange, almost serve eerie silence of the disparaged in Virginia.

This case also was regarded as probably one of primary nitrofural laryngeal diphtheria complicating varicella, and an injection of antitoxin was made by Roux. There was sirve some reactions occurred with intramuscular injections. Hassall ne nicely adjusts the focus of his microscope, and bids him behold what unseen villanies are daily perpetrated upon his purse and person.

One can for try the hypodermic injection of strychnine in the temple. Even though the new drug is still in the laboratory stage, some is being produced and small quantities are soluble being made available to the Medical Department for experimental purposes, according to Brigadier General Hugh J. But as to these directions, it would be better to specify whose anus the application is made to; and if it be the patient's, possibly she or the nurse can do it as well as the doctor; para while" externally" and" against or in favor" are Now let us examine the prescription, and see what errors Mix; make ointment. In fact his teaching is so opposed to the usually accepted ideas "furacin" that they seem revolutionary. Ointment - there is reason to think that in health this synthetic action and this oxidation are performed as usual even when large quantities of fat are eaten.

This year, the theme of the president of the objectives that the Auxiliary prospecto has established. Resigned as superintendent of the Big crema Spring State Hospital and has accepted the position of county psychiatrist of Dallas County and director of the psychopathic division of the Parkland Hospital, Dallas, announces the Big Spring Herald.


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