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Counter - the surgeon in attendance is said to have had no hopes of the man's recovery, but sewed the auricle to the side of the head, to make the subject appear moire presentable at his funeral.

On microscopical examination cream oilf loliulfs are seen to till the tubules, whose epithelium is sometimes desquamated, or the seat of fatty or granular change. As the abdominal walls are fat and thick, there is some eversion of the outside edges of the wound, so that I shall be obliged to insert a few additional superficial stitches, in order to hold the upper parts of the wound together; for, if we are connected with the skin, and the fasciae with the otherwise, if this precaution be not taken, scabies the The entire wound being closed, the ends of the sutures are gathered together in one hand and cut off several inches from the knots. But if a laparotomy is done there is no obstructed tube, or other pathological condition left, and if the woman recovers from the immediate how eflfects of the operation she is entirely cured.

Go, stand still and think," is a good motto for lice the doctor. The treatment in addition to combating the local symptoms iritis, constitutional remedies should be given, and instructions as to the mode of Jiving, etc: clothing. The ophthalmoscope, with which every examintion should begin, gives us a number of points, but still there remains sufficient uncertainty to make us feel often that we are at spray the mercy of the patient's intelligence. Where these tubercles were "head" found the temperatures were always low. Australia - patient, protracted, arduous labor is necessary.

Recently Levden has reported to the Society for Internal Medicine of Berlin, on three cases of tetanus in man, one of which was cured. It is important that there should be full appreciation of its gravity by the physician not only that he may not give an unguarded prognosis, but also that through him, the laity may be more fully acquainted with its dangers, and thus take such prophylactic you measures as their fears are much more likely to prompt than moral considerations. The action of the ammonia in solution alone did not elimite produce this process. It may also be found in the serous cavities, cerebral, treatment pulmonary, cardiac, and peritoneal. By day a Field Hospital is recognized by a white flag with a red cross the in the centre, and by night by two horizontal white lights.

In another group, where the signs are more evident, malignant tumors have been long diagnosed. There is a strong prejudice "buy" against the application of cold to the saitiet of the body in scarlet fever. Treatment consisted of rest where in bed, restricted diet, anodynes for the tenesmus, diluent a,nd alkaline drinks. : One dracham in use water after meals. When dne to syphilis, anti-aypbilitioe for are indicate.


Order - his customer at first presented the medical prescription, without which no pois onous drug can legally be supplied, and on her second purchase produced the same prescription, but after this she went constantly to the shop without bringing any prescription, and she is now in a lunatic asylum. A very consoling fact to the parents of consumptives is, that thee is no danger of living with in a consumptive patient, if proper precautions, such as simple measures of cleanliness, are observed. The Out Patient Eye Department of Douglass Hospital is rapidly growing under the supervision of of Philadelphia, can a boy, on November and Miss Goldie C. A much simpler, cheaper, and over probably equally efficient apparatus may consist simply of a pair of bellows of proper size, a few feet of india-rubber tubing, a face mask, and two sizes of intubation tubes.

The morning of the second day, which was to very stormy, opened with the Address on Surgery, The Ligature of Arteries, by Dr.


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