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This "uk" result is favored by the course of the lymphatics by means of which the infectious agents may extend. Hence this species of palpitation is more audible to the patient than perhaps any other, the sound appearing to rush through his ears, especially when he lies on his side in bed, and each arterial throb causes a movement hvac of his pillow. It should be so passed the upper bay part of the bone may be kept down by its oblique compression. The other varieties of rupture are often cured (antabuse) by the natural increase of size and strength in the body, and require chiefly attention to the due It may seem almost unnecessary to state that there are a great many varieties of ulcers, requiring a corresponding variety of treatment. Constiiiation gradually comes on, is extremely variable, like and it may be months or even years bcfoi"e there is comidete obstruction. ST of the late Professor Sanders has been presented to the University of Edinburgh; it will be placed in the upper library hall, which already is so rich in those mementos of the eminent men who were"The Sir Erasmus'"r of Pathological Anatomy" has now been founded and en lowed at the University disulfiram of Aberdeen.

Corns may often be readily cured, by avoiding the above exciting causes, by wearing large soft shoes, adapted in form to the shape of the feet, and by continuing for some time at rest (watch).

At the last meeting of that body, it was stated that, while one girl was lying at home ill with fever, live other members of the family were being sent to one of the Board schools without the slightest intimation being given to the authorities: prescribe. It is generally held, however, that strabismus, when a nervous symptom, is a result "to" of spasm of muscles. Therefore, been able to substitute fresh cow-pox from the Gironde for their official stock; reaction and this is held to be the more satisfactory as this particular animal vaccine is considered to be of a first-rate quality. The difiference, however, is in not so great as that which is to be observed in regard of some other maladies which are held to be hereditary.

Pills - sulphonal and trional are serviceable on occasion, but cliloretone has proved disagreeable and is too depressing to the heart to risk in most cases. But in most cases the brain wasting from ligid arteries does not cause insanity, and senile dementia "online" wlien it appears comes on in the later stages of life and in less pronounced a form than is the form here under consideration. When the section of the bone was complete, I divided the tendon of the adductor longus, and "implant" those of the sartorius and tensor vagina; femoris.


I can only say, I like to toe the line; but I do wish purchase that, in all cases, there was a real line to toe. Some present physicians on more modem, but perhaps not more just notions, have exhibited to the beasts several of the above and otha" simples, under the name of antiseptics, in another intention; it is that of resisting putreiaction, in which they principally place the cause of this disease.' The chief of the remedies of this class they Itave adopted' The antiseptic class of medicines has not much more claim of propriety and efGcacy in the cure of the "antabuse" murrain than that of the antidotes and alexipharmics. Stirling, in Aber D Saturday evening (ct). Young children to massachusetts determine the disease with which the littlo the patient relative to his feelings or the history of his maiady, we are obliged to form an opinion from external symptoms alone. Analogous maladies, but moving in a yet wider range, are sometimes encountered, such as certain forms of rotatory movement, of chorea, and of locomotor ataxy; and beyond these there are anomalous "look" cases, which every physician occasionally meets with, but does not know how to designate. A swelling coming suddenly sale in the groin, or at the navel after considerable exertion, may be taken for rupture without much fear of mistake. The skin will where become flushed or turn pale. The heat of the skin and pains in the head and limbs augment rapidly during the first thirty-six hours, and then gradually for decrease, so that at the end of the third day there is either a very great remission of symptoms, or even complete intermission of the disease, terminating in the recovery of the patient. A manifest scrofulous "get" habit, also, is decidedly objectionable. Simpson could give no other reason why it should not, than that hitherto it was without opposed to all experience that it should.

Having done this he raises a fold of skin over the end of the bone running in an antero- posterior direction, and passes a chromicized catgut suture through it from within outward about threeeighths of an inch above the sawn end of the bone; the needle is passed back from without inward about three-quarters of an inch away, and after the suture is firmly "who" drawn it is tied; in this manner a long roll is formed over the end of the bone. These included hht restlessness, hallucinations, illusions, extreme apprehension, tremor, and general disorientation. Prescription - for, whilst the error may leave the reader in doubt as to the real nature of the abuses to which the writer refers, the second is too apt to assume a demoralising tone from the clouding over, in however slight a degree, of the pure scientific atmosphere. Ten years ago, no one could have ventured to anticipate so great a revolution in so short a time, in the estimate entertained among ordinary physicans of the importance of general greece blood-letting in the treatment of inflammatory diseases. Members of the Institute, as on terms of good friendship with many, of you, and cordially granting that all of you have the interests of homoeopathy at heart, let me offer you one advice, that is, to revise your constitution, to make it more liberal, to try to gain adherents by widening, not by narrowing our common medical creed; to advance the cause by absorbing all right-hesurted men, not by a dangerous process of exclusion; avoid stirring up dissensions in our small body (nhs).

Trousseau did, that these paralytic affections of the muscles of the eye, or the impairment australia of sight or hearing, may be present at an early stage of the disease, may disappear for a -wWle, and then bladder or lower (xncel jucontincnce of mon and often a very otvrly symptom in of paraplegia, there is paresis of the bladder and rectum, or even paralysis of the sphincters." As it seems to me, however, there is a marked difference between cases of confirmed locomotor ataxy and common paraplegia in these respects, the difference bemg that in locomotor ataxv there is not that obvious statu of paralysis of the bladder, or sphincter ani, case of locomotor ataxy in which the way in which the bladder could be emptied in a steady stream, did not prove tliat this viscus retained a fair amount of; and in one or two cases of this disease, in which the feces have passed involun- i tarily at times, I have found a state of i things which enabled me to account for this accident without assuming the existence of paralysis of the sphincter ani,: namely, a want of sufficient sensitiveness in the cases which liave come under my notice one in which the urine was re- i tained, as it so often is in paraplegia, and I where the consequences of such retention I the urine has been acid, and otherwise; scarcely compatible with the presence of I No obvious impairment of sexucd power. Given in doses ranging fh)m ten to thirty grains, three times daily, it has had these effects: In some cases it has completely cured the patient, and the cure tablets has been permanent for years, and is so now. Sir George Birdwood, in a recent letter to the doctors Times, says:"I hold opium-smoking to be a strictly harmless indulgence, like any other smoking, and the essence of its pleasure to be, not in the opium itself so much as in the smoking of it.


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